Electronics is transversal to many different fields. It can be found in robots, aircraft, houses, clothes, vending machines, home appliances, and many other applications.

Electronic Engineering presents a huge potential for innovation in all these fields. As a digital designer with almost 10 years of professional experience, some issues that I can help you innovate with are:

  • R+D consulting and counseling
  • Developing custom solutions from scratch
  • Improving your existing products
  • Consulting with you and your organization to improve your workflow and implement good practices in project development
  • Advanced verification of digital circuits, for increased confidence and for hardware certification processes
  • Hardware acceleration of algorithms, models and simulations
  • Software-less intelligence for more robust and deterministic products, avoiding software certification processes
  • Designing and testing fault tolerant and robust systems

Some projects in which I have worked include:

  • Development of an industrial classification system for high-volume real-time defect detection and classification of fruits and olives.
  • Development and maintenance of the fault injection system FT-Unshades2, an European Space Agency project for early assessment of radiation sensitivity of digital designs.
  • Prototyping a software-less piece of cockpit equipment for aircraft.
  • Design and verification of a synthesizable model of an IEEE 802.15.4 transmitter for research on robust intra-satellite communications.

Contact me if you want me to help you innovate.